The exciting tastes of Malaysian dishes, fried dishes and marinades in a superb interior of our great Flavorista.


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Our Simplified Cooking Method

Start With!

Add plain water and cooking oil into the pot and bring it to boil.

Pour In!

Pour in the premix powder of into pot.

Pour In!

Add additional ingredients such as meat, fish, chicken and condiments according to taste.

Wait and Serve!

Let them cook and the food ready to be served!

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Whatever food you want, everything can be cooked with a flavorista Premix Powder

Experience Nature's Recipe with Goodness
With this new idea of Easy-to-Cook (ETC) using the Flavorista’s Premix Powder is now a history.

Good job Flavorista! Now in simple steps I can eat whatever delicious I want to eat. Bravo!

Fairus Zulkifli

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